Paris 2015- La Grande Mosquée

I’ve visited Paris a couple of times now but I have never got round to visiting the beautiful Grande Mosquée de Paris so I was excited to be able to finally visit.

The first thing that struck me when I arrived were the armed police officers standing near the Mosque. Given the aftermath of the November 14th attacks I guess it was to be expected, but I really did not anticipate the amount of police presence there was going to be and in all honesty it was quite intimidating given the huge guns they were holding. But once I got over the initial shock, I found the police officers to be rather quite nice.

I arranged to have lunch with a friend in the restaurant next door before visiting the Mosque and once we had finished here’s what I got to see.









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Paris 2014

For my second visit to Paris I met up with my family during my year abroad studying. We arrived at night and everyone was roaming the streets dressed up in their Halloween costumes. There was an incredible buzz in the city one I had not experienced the first time I had visited. If you are ever going to visit Paris then Halloween is the time to do it!

The morning after we woke up to this view from our hotel room…

2014-10-31 20.56.25.jpg

You can see the River Seine and the headquarters of Radio France in the centre of the photo.

2014-10-31 20.56.31.jpg

The hotel was walking distance from the Eiffel Tower.

2014-11-01 01.00.54.jpg

2014-11-01 01.06.33.jpg

Military museum- where you can see the tomb of Napoleon

2014-11-01 01.09.28.jpg

Hôtel des Invalides

2014-11-01 01.15.44.jpgPlace de la Concorde- where the French kings and queens were guillotined during the French Revolution.

2014-11-01 01.20.40.jpg

Académie Nationale de Musique/ National Music Academy2014-11-01 01.43.31.jpgLe Louvre

2014-11-01 01.51.26.jpgNotre Dame


2014-11-01 05.11.26.jpgAssemblé Nationale/The National Assembly

2014-11-01 05.54.18.jpg

2014-11-01 05.57.24.jpgView from the Arc de Triomphe overlooking the Champs Elysée

2014-11-01 06.08.07.jpg2014-11-01 06.10.06.jpg

and last but not least… Disneyland!

photo 1.JPG

photo 1_5.jpg



Paris 2011

This was my first visit to Paris and one where I could finally put my A-Level French into practice. We visited the Palais de Versailles, Montmarte,  the Louvre, had a boat ride on the river Seine at night and picnicked in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

Versailles  was unlike anything else I’ve seen before. There was gold everywhere- a true testament to King Louis also known as the Sun king. The palace gardens were magnificient, a really nice place to relax,  you can also do a variety of activities here e.g  water sports activities and there’s also a water fountain show that you can watch. The freshly squeezed orange juice that you can buy from the various stands in the palace gardens was also an absolute delight. It was the freshest orange juice I’ve ever tasted- even better than when I was in Morocco! And theres also a ladurée shop so you can indulge in as many macarons as you want.

On the way to Versailles
A toutes les Gloires De La France 3.jpg4.jpg6.jpg8.jpg9.jpg
Corridor inside 



Inside the palace 


Get ready for all the gold 
Grand fireplace 
I like this bed




They had a laduree shop too 
The palace gardens. 




Montmarte– love love loved this place. It’s got a real buzz and energy. You’ll find various street entertainers here  and there’s an incredible view over the city. You should be careful though as you can get some pretty forecful vendors trying to sell you touristy memorabilia.



Iya Traore had to be one of the highlights of visiting Montmartre he was incredible! He does extraodinary football tricks as you can see in the pictures,  he’s a really nice guy too!

There’s no barrier if he falls off… Ah Mon Dieu 
such incredible skill, strength, stamina 
He climbed to the top of this lampost without dropping the ball. It’s one thing being able to climb the lampost but to do it whilst freestlying with the football is a whole other thing. This guy is incredible! 


Le Louvre:




Galerie Lafayette Shopping-


Parc des Buttes Chaumont

The Parc des Buttes Chaumont is brilliant to immerse yourself among locals and is especially good for those who are learning french as you surrounded by the everyday chatter of french parents with thier children. It’s a lovely park with lots of hills and there’s also a waterall too!