Mindful Colouring for Adults

Today the number of colouring books on the market for adults has grown exponentionally. The first time I saw them featured on the French news a couple of years ago I knew they were going to be huge. Since then I have always wondered if they actually worked to relieve stress and anxiety  as claimed, so I thought I would try them out for myself and see.

Although it is satisfying to see the end result, the process can ironically be quite be the opposite of relaxing. The patterns in this book were ok but more often than not they are so intricate that it becomes such a tedious and frustrating task, some would even go as far as describing it as stressful. For some, even deciding on what colours to use where can be a source of frustration because at the end of the day they do want to produce something that looks half decent too and for this the colours need to match.

I do find there is a certain stigma attached to people who like to do these sorts of activities, even if the stigma is a taboo. People may look down upon those who enjoy this activity as there is no real skill or difficulty involved in carrying it out and because it is also deemed as something that children do but if it helps people  relax and relieves stress then I think we should  look more favourably upon these sorts of activities and do even more to promote them.