Quiet by Susan Cain

Something a little different  today! Instead of the usual food related posts I wanted to recommend this book to you guys. It’s called Quiet by Susan Cain.



This book has been a sort of revelation to me and as the name suggests it’s about introverts like myself. We all know a quiet person and this book really helps understand introverts and thier nature better.  It gives you a real insight into why quiet people are the way they are.The author provides scientific information as well case case studies to support her claims so you don’t just feel like the author is making unfounded assumptions or generalisations.

I received this book as a gift from my good, extroverted, friend Ayah and I am so glad I did as it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever recieved. Even though we are such opposites in our nature we are such good friends and complement each other wonderfully.  If you ever read this Ayah – Thank you!

I would definitely recommend reading chapters  4,9 and 11


Take Care,