Hand embroidery

Inspired by a wedding gift I brought for my friend I wanted to try making my own. I really wanted to make some beautiful embroidered roses and to my surprise it was a lot easier than what I thought it would be. I used a wagon wheel stitch to make the flowers and lazy daisy stitch for the leaves. Even though the stitches themselves were not too hard to do, it was a challenging piece as I was embroidering a ready made pouch so was contricted in terms of movement. The red pouch was acually a party favour from another friends bridal shower!

Photo 1 is the gift I commissioned for my friend’s wedding. I’m glad I got it made as I would’ve struggled with the writing. The second photo is the pattern I wanted to try and recreate.

Here are the results.

As you can see I struggled with this. The distribution of yellow french knots is uneven and the knots themselves are not that neat. The green leaves are not dark enough can barely see the ones in the middle.

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