Shadow Box Frame

Who knew such a simple project could turn out to be such a disaster. Note to self- Do NOT buy 10cm x 10cm box frames from hobbycraft. They are poor quality and not worth the hassle. The square wooden insert (the spacer) in mine came broken with one side fallen off. No problem I thought, easy enough to just glue back together. What I should have also done was paint the thing white. I did not think it would be visible until I actually came to assembling the thing and it looked awful. Better to just buy a frame which is already painted. Ikea frames for example. But then they are more expensive and dnt have the mini size i want. The quality of this frame was not good at all the edges looked worn out. The frame was cheap and on sale for a reason.

When i did assemble the whole thing together the metal clips on the back snapped off making the whole thing redundant. I was unable to gift this to my friend in the end. A lot of wasted time and effort but also many lessons learnt. next time would be better off getting someone else to make the frame if looking for a personalised gift. Even if it does seem like you are paying a lot as they would have done a lot of this trial and error for you OR  just invest in better materials. Also proper planning is key and do not rush. These were my errors. I did not check the measurents properly. My design had to fit in a 7.5cm square NOT the 10cm stated on the packet.

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