Making a felt garland

I love making things and I love colour.

This was another Corinne Lapierre kit. I must admit, this particular project took a lot longer that I thought it would and was definitely a labour of love (it got the the point where I was sick of it and just wanted it to finish) BUT in the process I learnt how to do three new stitches: a blanket stitch, a fern stitch and a lazy daisy stitch. I also ended up with a pretty decoration for my bedroom .

Sewing the hearts together was difficult, especially the tops of the hearts where they curve round. I should have also added more filling to the hearts so they did not look so flat. Definitely need to work on my sewing skills as on close inspection it was not as neat as I would have liked and some of the designs (the fern stitch in particular) came out leaning slightly to one side. However for someone who hates sewing I think it’s a pretty decent attempt.


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